Twelve Monkeys (1995)

Rated R for 3, maybe 4 foul words.

The 361st Ellises’ Analysis is dedicated to our late dog Fox for reasons that will quickly (and often) become apparent. That little Pomeranian is all over this podcast! Anyway, we’re split on yet another movie, but we don’t disagree about the quality of the outstanding look and style of Twelve Monkeys. Terry Gilliam’s quirks are perfectly suited to this time-travel movie. Wait, is it a time-travel movie…or maybe just one man’s psychosis? Brains are twisted trying to figure that out. The film hasn’t changed, but we have, so maybe that’s why a lot of the performances don’t seem as great as they did 25 years ago. A pox on us for saying it, but that includes Brad Pitt and all his manic tics. Bruce Willis, however, is doing pretty much the best work of his long career. So find out what we thought about a virus movie that unfortunately remains very timely.

Well, Actually: The scientists in the future COULD know things Cole has said & heard because they are supposedly monitoring him through his teeth. Also, the inventor of the “TV ball” who won a lawsuit against Universal was Lebbeus Woods. Also also, here’s a less-savage approach about the first person who had COVID-19: you could just isolate that person and make sure they were never exposed to anyone else, rather than just outright murder them.

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