The French Connection (1971)

The French Connection (46:45) This episode is rated R for some naughty words.

French Connection

Popeye’s here! We wrap up the year with the action-packed Gene Hackman cop thriller. Chasing foreign smack peddlers in the dead of winter and putting the public at risk makes for a complex flick. Hear us! Also, we spend about 5 minutes at the end looking back at our 46 T100P flicks from 2014 and look ahead to 2015’s slate. And order yourself some Sparkplug Coffee!

For The Record: Traffic was released in 2000, so it came out 29 years after The French Connection, not 19 years.


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Links to: Billy Friedkin and Roy Scheider and Fernando Rey and Ernest Tidyman and Owen Roizman

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1971 U.S. Box Office

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1971 Academy Award winners and nominees

Oscar acceptance speeches: Hackman and Friedkin

Links to: Dirty Harry and Sorcerer and Jaws and To Live And Die In L.A. and The Wire

YouTube links: Santa chases down a suspect and “Popeye’s here!” and the subway chase and the car chase

Next week, our first podcast of 2015: A Clockwork Orange

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