Hedwig And The Angry Inch (2001)

Rated R. We swore here and there.

Hedwig And The An-guh-ry Inch is a unique movie. It’s a rip-rockin’ musical with some great songs, but the story is remarkably tragic and also, somehow, upbeat. And what an ending! The last act is surreal and complicated, but it’s also beautiful. John Cameron Mitchell is the auteur of this project (along with Stephen Trask) and Mitchell is also excellent as the headlining title character. Hedwig is a never-say-die character who always picks herself up and carries on, no matter the trauma. This is actually a pretty inspirational story…and who couldn’t use some inspiration these days. So try to find your other half, but before you go out on that quest, plug the 376th Ellises’ Analysis into your brain and enjoy our chat.

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