Christmas Vacation (1989)

Rated PG for some pretty acceptable wordplay.

Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid might repel people with their off-screen antics, but they and the rest of this cast do some terrific comic work in National Lampoon’s 30-year-old holiday hit. The Next 175 Project has one of us gushing about this nostalgic fave while the other is set on nailing Sparky’s epic anti-boss rant. Writer/producer John Hughes’ decade-long run of beloved comedies was still in full swing at this point and Jeremiah Chechik doesn’t over-direct or get in the way of the Looney Tunes-esque gags. Christmas is only about a week away, so let the Griswolds and your humble narrators put you in the mood for the most wonderful stressful time of the year.

For The Record: In the 1983 Vacation, Eddie & Catherine lived in Kansas, not Nevada. Also, Ellen dodges Eddie’s attempted kiss on the lips in this movie.

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