Inception (2010)

 Rated PG. Pretty clean talk here.

Brandish your totems (whether they be tops, chess pieces or wedding rings) and dream a complicated dream as the 353rd episode of The Ellises’ Analysis pulls back the covers on Inception. The iconic Christopher Nolan (who is just as much of a brand name as any of his actors are) is the master of “popcorn surrealism”, but does he suffer from “George Lucas Syndrome”? Oh, these phrases we’ve coined…or we think we did! We get into whether or not this entire movie is someone’s dream, plus we debate the many sleepy levels and the effectiveness of the infamous last shot. We also discussed most of Nolan’s filmography. With apologies to Leo, JGL, Page, Hardy and the rest of his talented cast & crew, this episode is focused on their director. So tu ne regrette rien (right?), fold a street in half with your imagination, wait for that kick and inhale the kewl of Nolan’s ultra-beloved sleep movie.

Well, Actually: The Dark Knight and Memento are the other 2 Nolan pictures (in addition to the Oscar-winning Dunkirk) to get Editing Oscar nominations. Also, the recurring number we mentioned is 528491. Also also, it’s David Gyasi who ages years in Interstellar, not Jeffrey Wright.

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