Fruitvale Station (2013)

Rated R, but only for a couple of bad utterances.

To close out this epic year of #BlackLivesMatter protests, we’re tackling a heartbreaking movie about the real-life murder of a young black man by a white cop. Fruitvale Station was made independently and most the cast members were not well known back then, although we all know how big a star Michael B. Jordan has become since. He ‘s been terrific in all 3 of director Ryan Coogler’s films, although not even Jordan can match the transcendent work of Octavia Spencer. We spent some time reminiscing about some of our own New Year’s experiences in this 374th Ellises’ Analysis and we also talked a little about our year in podcasting. So pull out your phone and record an injustice, but keep those earbuds in while you do it so you can listen to us for the last time in The Year Of Suck known as 2020.

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