All The President’s Men (1976)

All The President’s Men (41:43) Careful: a spot of rough language will be found within.


Journalists as righteous heroes? Must be a fantasy film. Nope. T100P podcast #93 is based on the all-too-real story of Woodward & Bernstein’s dogged pursuit of the truth in the Watergate break-in. Robert Redford & Dustin Hoffman are very fine as the reporters and Jason Robards is fantastic as their editor. This is an unusual thriller with a complicated plot, but it remains a strong work. Enhance your caffeine supply by going to Sparkplug Coffee, then dig in!


Rotten Tomatoes reviews

All The President’s Men and Woodward & Bernstein’s novel on Wikipedia

Links to: Alan J. Pakula and William Goldman

AFI’s Top 100 lists

1976 Academy Award winners & nominees

Oscar acceptance speeches: Robards (at the 1:30 mark) and Goldman (at the 45-second mark)

Links to: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and Jaws and Secret Honor and JFK and The Paper and Nixon and The Insider and Thirteen Days and Frost/Nixon and The Social Network

YouTube links: the opening typewriter violence and “Follow the money” and Bernstein guzzles coffee and “Run that baby” and “If you guys f*ck up again, I’m going to get mad”

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