Creed (2015)

 Rated G. If Rocky don’t swear, we don’t swear much none either.

Our 105th Next 100 Project podcastaroo goes back to Philly as the son of The Count Of Monte Fisto punches his way into the elderly Eye-talian Stallion’s lonely life. Michael B. Jordan is strong as Adonis Creed and Ryan Coogler’s writing & direction are top-notch, but the stand-out here is Sly Stallone, who’s doing the finest work of his spotty career. What a dynamite sequel/reboot in a legendary (and often legendarily dumb) franchise! We dedicate this episode to Geoff Wall (reasons within). Also, when you visit Sparkplug Coffee like you know you will, you can save 10% on your 1st order by using the promo code “Top100Project”.


Coming Attractions Trivia Answers: ??? and ??? and ???

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2015 at the U.S. Box Office and Box Office Mojo Top 300 Adjusted For Inflation

2015 Academy Award winners & nominees and Stallone’s speech at the Golden Globes

Links to: Rocky and Raging Bull and Fruitvale Station and Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Black Panther and Creed II

YouTube links: the long-take fight and Rocky gets the bad news and “if I break, I ain’t gonna fix it” and the jail scene and Creed’s gonna fly now and the final round and “not bad at all” and Rocky’s inspirational speech to his son in Rocky Balboa

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