Spotlight (2015)

 Rated very hard R for very hard language.

Warning: Catholics and Pope-lovers might want to steer clear of the Next 183 Project. S’pretty explosive stuff. We go hard on the church and the cover-up of the sex abuse scandal (a more accurate way to put that would be CHILD RAPE). As for the movie that shows how the intrepid journalists at the Boston Globe went about covering this controversial story, Spotlight is a rock-solid procedural filled with unglamorous research done by a great team of professionals. While the Keaton/Ruffalo/McAdams trifecta got all the press for their performances in this Oscar-winner, director Tom McCarthy finds roles for Stanley Tucci and Liev Schreiber that might be even better than the stars. They quietly steal the movie. So find out if we think this five-year-old Best Picture remains as good as so many people thought in 2015.

Well, Actually…: Please forgive some clunkiness during our chat about the Top 5 Best Pictures of the past decade. We talked about Parasite and 1917 without having known at the time which won the top prize this year. Most of the now-dated “we don’t know which of them won” stuff was cut out. Also, the pope is indeed mentioned at least once…during Ruffalo’s “it could have been you, it could have been me” rant.

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