A Man For All Seasons (1966)

Rated PG, chaps.

Should you listen to the pragmatic 387th Ellises’ Analysis? Well, if you’re the ego-driven Sir Thomas More, then the response to that question would be to fold your arms, stick out your bottom lip and say “NO!” This is a frustrating movie. It’s well-made and most of the actors are authentic, but far too many of them are quite dull or they’re seriously overdoing it. Plus, any film that’s about the British royals and the Catholic Church is facing a serious uphill climb around these atheistic parts. In any case, More’s unwavering certainty and his stubborn martyrdom offer no real drama. Fred Zinnemann was a great director, but he just didn’t find a way to make us care about this stalwart lead character. In any case, it’s appropriate for us to come out of Easter weekend talking about a Jesus stand-in during the Henry VIII era of not-so-jolly old England.

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