How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)

 Rated R because a certain four-letter word simply had to be said (often) about this movie.

The 2nd week in “Movies We Hate Month” digs deep into a shallow rom-com. The Next 117 Project spends about 40 minutes hacking on this McConaughey/Hudson tripe, which—bad as it is—really just represents all the insulting rom-coms that make women look stupid and make men look like idiot bros. We can do better than this cruelty, people, so stop buying tickets to this kind of hooey! But you can’t do better than Sparkplug Coffee, so hit them up and take advantage of a one-time 10% discount by smashing in the promo code “top100project”.

For The Record: The movie made over 162 million adjusted-for-inflation dollars and is McConaughey’s 5th-biggest hit ever when you do some adjusting. Also, to continue MM’s “every 10 years ending in 3” thing, his first year in movies was indeed 1993 and the acclaimed Mud was released in 2013 (in addition to Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf Of Wall Street). Also also, cinematographer (and controversial president of the Academy) John Bailey is indeed still working.


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