American Psycho (2000)

Rated R for some mature words and themes.

If you’re looking for a funny satire about identity and 1980s consumerism, then Mary Harron’s adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ book might be exactly what you’re craving. Or maybe you just want to ogle Christian Bale’s half-naked body in all its perfection. If you did that, at least you’d be noticing the guy, which is more than anyone in the actual film ever does. Despite the good looks, money, clothes & women that Patrick Bateman has, he’s a first-class loser. We gabbed about all the sex & brutal violence in this picture, plus the “what’s real and what might only be a(n American) psychotic fantasy” angle. There’s *ahem* a lot of meat on this bone. Much like Bateman, you’re not doing any work these days, so try your best to fit in by sitting around listening to cheesy music, but also give us 40 minutes of your time to hear our thoughts about American Psycho.

Well, Actually…: Paul Allen thinks Bateman is Marcus Halberstram, not Hammerschmidt. Also, Patrick gets a call from his fiancee when Jean is at his apartment, which might be one reason he doesn’t go through with killing his loyal secretary.

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