McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971)

Rated R but only for a few awful utterances…and very few of the worst kind.

It’s way past time we talked about a Robert Altman classic and his pokey-paced anti-western is a tremendous choice for our 385th episode. McCabe & Mrs. Miller has the beautiful duo of Warren Beatty and Julie Christie doing an excellent job of heading up an eclectic cast. Beatty is the drunk, muttering, vulnerable beta (who’s got poetry in him) while Christie is the stern, Cockney-spewing alpha (and the real power in this power couple). This film goes against the typical grain of a western, partly because of the audio mix and the unusual look, but also because John McCabe is far from an old-fashioned hero of the old west. So skulk around town and shoot people in the back (which was probably closer to the truth than most shoot-outs) as we gab about Altman’s odd film that truly holds up.

Well, Actually: Julie Christie of course also has a cameo as herself in Nashville and we both liked her in Away From Her enough that we might even cover that picture one day. And on February 14, 2022, we did.

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