Interview With The Vampire (1994)

Rated R. It’s our eternal desire to offend impressionable minds.

The Next 168 Project spends a lot of time ripping on Brad Pitt’s lackluster performance as a glum vampire, which is a shame because we normally like his work a lot. But, hey, he’s the whiny plantation owner who chose to become a whiny immortal. Maybe the character—and the actor—not enjoying his role in all this is justice for owning slaves (and for saying yes to playing this drip of a morally dubious character). At least the inarguably villainous Tom Cruise has a ball gnawing on every human in sight. The true standout here though is a pre-teen Kirsten Dunst. She provides a fantastic glimpse of how good she would be in future roles. Anne Rice’s book and Neil Jordan’s uneven direction aren’t as dazzling as the young actress’ performance or the film’s production design, but the movie is certainly watchable…despite how obviously Pitt wishes he was anywhere else. So vamp that play button and hear us out!

Vampires don’t need caffeine or decaf or any of that stuff, but YOU are remarkably human. At least, one hopes. So hit up Sparkplug Coffee and don’t forget to use our “top100project” promo code at check-out to score a 20% discount.

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