On Golden Pond (1981)

 Rated R for a spot or 3 of the swearies.

The Next 129 Project marks 275 episodes in total for the Elliseseseses (although we’re getting close to 300 overall on this channel) and this one looks back at The Old Coots & The Kid Up At The Lake. Hank FondaKate Hepburn are wonderful together in what proved to be his final film and one of her last. Jane Fonda is as good as ever in her small—but vital—role. Also applause is due for director Mark Rydell & writer Ernest Thompson, but this is a textbook example of an actors film. This nostalgia-drenched picture has enough bite that it even won over our cynical old hearts. So take a listen with a mug of Sparkplug Coffee at your side. Our 10% discount still applies if you use the promo code “top100project” when you head to the check-out.

For The Record: Paul Newman did win the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, but that was in 1994. He won the Honorary Award, just like Fonda did, the year before he won his only competitive Oscar. Also, we covered a 4th Henry Fonda flick (The Lady Eve). Also also, Hepburn died in 2003, not 2004.


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