Home Alone (1990)

Rated G. If your kids want to listen in on this one, let ’em.

The Christmas season is here! Well, Christmas lasts about 5 months in this part of the world, so it’s actually been here since we still needed air conditioning. Anyway, Home Alone! It’s the G-rated Straw Dogs. It’s also the movie where we root for a housebound child to practically murder 2 men for trying to steal the VCR. Kevin will probably grow up to be a big fan of the 2nd Amendment…or perhaps a cancer-stricken serial killer who really digs booby traps. Anyway, this John Hughes/Chris Columbus blockbuster is packed with cartoonish violence & cartoonish performances and a resourceful kid gets to be the hero by any horrific means necessary. Arrest that burgeoning sociopath! Anyway, the movie isn’t packed with much meaningful character development (especially amongst the jerky members of this strange family), but it remains entertaining and fun. Macaulay Culkin wasn’t even 10 years old when Home Alone came out 30 years ago, but it made him a movie star. So don’t give up. Be thirsty for more…of the 370th Ellises’ Analysis!

Well, Actually: We assumed the mannequins belong to Peter McCallister, but maybe they’re Kate’s and perhaps she helps pay for that mansion by working as a fashion designer. Also, Shiv on Succession is played by the great Sarah Snook. Also also, John Heard is called “The Dad From Home Alone” by the folks at Honest Trailers, not by the good folks at Cinemasins.

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