The Matrix (1999)

Rated PG. Your kids can listen!

Today is our 6th anniversary, so yay for that, but also yay for one of the most influential, cool, wire-fu, sci-fi thrillers of all time. It’s the ultimate Jeopardy question: “what is The Matrix?” The Next 144 Project spends nearly an hour digging into that (a movie that Bev thinks could have been called “The Exposition”), with its main plot point being a dude (not a damsel) in distress. Also, we discuss who really is The One. Plus, as much as we geek on Keanu Reeves as Neo in his best role, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity might even be better. The Wachowskis will probably never top this picture, but who needs to? It reached classic status almost out of the gate and it’s certainly at that point 20 years later.

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For The Record: Joel Silver did produce the 2 sequels, in addition to this picture.


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