Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

 Just like the movie itself, this episode is rated R.

Beverly Hills Cop

He was a big star before it, but Eddie Murphy became galactic after Beverly Hills Cop came out in 1984. His blockbuster hit remains funny all these years later even though it deals with some deadly serious subject matter like death and so much destruction. Martin Brest directed a tremendous action comedy, but his picture is even more impressive when you consider they were apparently winging it a lot of the time. Eddie has always been a brilliant improviser and he & his co-stars did a lot of that here. Eddie’s Axel Foley is also pretty much a genius detective, expertly stirring up the rule-followers John Ashton & Judge Reinhold. So don’t be stupid. Just spend a bit of your day with the fish-in-water 414th Ellises’ Analysis as we do the neutron dance and dig into The Eddie Murphy Show.

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