Amadeus (1984)

Amadeus (47:39)

Amadeus 3

How do you appreciate the topic of our 107th AFI podcast? Think of the genius Mozart as a bratty rock star who doesn’t get whatever he wants. Also, think of the jealous Salieri as a modern sports-writer who launches smear campaigns against men more talented than him. There! Accessible. Check us out while simultaneously ordering a heaping dose of Sparkplug Coffee. Multi-task, baby! You can do it.


Rotten Tomatoes reviews

Links to: Jeffrey Jones and Elizabeth Berridge and Milos Forman and Peter Shaffer

AFI’s Top 100 Lists

1984 in film

1984 Academy Award winners & nominees

Oscar acceptance speeches: Abraham and Forman and Best Picture

Doctor Zhivago and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Bull Durham and Immortal Beloved and Whiplash

YouTube links: a compilation of Mozart being brilliant and “There are simply too many notes” and composing with a genius and The Making Of Amadeus

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