Carol (2015)

Rated R for some sporadic swearing.

Todd Haynes’ sensitive, personal and deliberately paced drama was Bev’s #1 movie of 2015. She’s got good taste. It’s a quietly beautiful character study of two lesbian lovers who weren’t allowed to be themselves in 1950s America. The great Cate Blanchett is dynamite in the title role, but this project belongs to Rooney Mara’s character (who is compelling too). The film truly puts you in the time and place with its wonderful production design, costumes and music. So don’t be a Harge. Just buck society’s expectations once in a while, but don’t buck our suggestion that you give our 358th episode a long listen (or just one look and you’ll fall so huh-uh-arrrrrrrd in love…).

Well, Actually: Same-sex marriage was legalized in America in 2015, so it was 11 years after it had been a wedge issue in the 2004 presidential campaign.

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