Sunrise (1927)

Sunrise (26:55)


The 6th motion picture in The Top 100 Project takes us right back to the silent era with Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans! Spend 27 highly entertaining minutes with Bev & Ryan as they admire the tech achievements, make fun of the overwroughtiest of overwrought acting, and even speculate on the validity of wanting to murder everyone you meet.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise (1927)

  1. I haven’t seen ‘Sunrise,’ but it’s pretty clear from ‘Nosferatu’ that Murnau was a uniquely talented director. And Bev, are you ever in for a treat when ‘Double Indemnity’ comes up!

    1. Great choice. Every syllable of the dialogue in that one is razor-sharp. I think my favourite Wilder film would be too close to call between DI, The Lost Weekend, and Ace in the Hole a.k.a. The Big Carnival a.k.a. We’re Sending Our Love Down the Well. And Some Like It Hot, of course, is one of the funniest movies ever made.

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