Legally Blonde (2001)

Rated PG. Pretty suitable for all ages, really.

The 386th Ellises’ Analysis has us gabbing about a popular 2001 rom-com, although whether or not this is even a rom-com was up for debate. There’s no argument that Reese Witherspoon charms and glows in Legally Blonde. This isn’t the best performance of Reese’s career, but it’s probably her signature role and the movie would likely stink if she wasn’t playing such a likable Elle. We had some disagreements about the quality of the script though, specifically the entire premise of “I’m going to win back my mediocre ex-boyfriend”, partly because the yutz never deserved her in the first place. Anyway, this pithy pink flick is a fun way to ring in the spring, so bend & snap your way into our prestigious Harvard-ish podcast, but first study hard and win everybody over like a certain Miss Woods always, always does.

Well, Actually: The immortal Chuck is played by Jason Christopher. Also, the recent TV shows Reese has produced that we couldn’t think of are Little Fires Everywhere and The Morning Show.

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