Wag The Dog (1997)

 Rated R for some swearing, but not that much.

This is something, piece of cake! It’s a day before the mid-terms, so it’s time for the Next 126 Project to get all political again. Actually, the vitriol is pretty muted this time. We focus on the funny. And Wag The Dog is that. Dustin Hoffman is hysterical, Anne Heche is at her best and Robert De Niro wisely plays the closest thing to a straight man as there is in Barry Levinson’s flick. Our gibby gab about this perhaps dated film bites into the media, sex scandals, fixers and phony patriotism. A very solid satire. You know you need some Sparkplug Coffee deep down in your belly and when you buy some, make sure to enter the promo code “top100project” for a 10% discount.

For The Record: Ryan implies that Wag The Dog was the 2nd time Dustin Hoffman worked with Barry Levinson, but it was the 3rd with their 4th (Sphere) coming out a few months later.


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