The Philadelphia Story (1940)

The Philadelphia Story (33:55)

The Philadelphia Story (wordpress)

Our 26th episode finds us digging into The Philadelphia Story! Did it delight us the way it delights AFI voters? Do we think Hepburn should have married Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart or, uh…the other guy? Was it a worthy AFIer? Whether yes or no, what’s with classic romantic movies and all the spousal abuse? Hit that play button and enjoy our deeply critical thoughts about a frothy trifle of a movie.

(Podcast correction before you even listen to it: the Coens had 2 flicks on the Top 100 Laughs—Raising Arizona and Fargo—not just one.)

5 thoughts on “The Philadelphia Story (1940)

  1. I saw and enjoyed this film around 2004-’05, but I hardly remember anything about it, other than that I did like the banter between the three stars.

    ‘The Party’ is one of my all-time favourite comedies, and I think Hrundi’s clumsiness is way funnier than any of the race stuff. If you want to see a REALLY racially-insensitive performance by Sellers, how about the Charlie Chan-esque detective he plays in ‘Murder by Death?’

      1. Yeah, bingo on Tiffany’s. What a jarring thing to throw into what’s otherwise such a sweet and good-natured story!

    1. That I can live with. Two “tough” gangs dancing and snapping their fingers? Kinda stupid. If that was played for comedy, hell, could be hilarious. Maybe that’s how we should watch West Side Story…think of it as ironic comedy!

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