Ghost (1990)

Rated PG. It’s pretty acceptable for all ears.

Unchain some melodies in the 352nd Ellises’ Analysis. You’ll laugh, you might cry and you’ll reminisce about pennies & pottery. What our Ghost chat has more than anything though are tangents. We hashed out why Jerry Zucker (yup, the Airplane guy) has directed so few movies in his successful career. We pondered what is Ghost’s real love story. We discussed our feelings about that difficult phrase “ditto”. Oh wait, “I love you”. See? Difficult. And we definitely questioned whether or not a guy who gets 2 people killed deserves to ascend to a righteous afterlife. Maybe Sam bought his way into heaven? Dirty rotten bankers! Anyway, this blockbuster with the Swayze, the Demi and the Whoopi in the main roles still has lots of charm and staying power 30 years later.

Tech Note: We’re not sure why the weird echo is still happening (still working on it), although we probably can’t do anything about the neighbour’s air conditioner.

Well, Actually: Jerry Zucker’s brother David directed the 1st and 2nd Naked Gun flicks while Jerry and their partner Jim Abrahams were indeed producers. Also, First Knight was a failure domestically, but was a pretty good-sized hit worldwide. Also also, we know Samuel L. Jackson isn’t in his 80s (he’s 71), but the implication was that, like Michael Caine, he works constantly even at an advanced age.

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