Pinocchio (1940)

 Appropriately, this is rated G.

Here’s some truth…it’s March! We’re on the other side of winter, people. Somebody wished upon a star, didn’t they? Well, anyway, the Next 185 Project analyzes Disney’s ultimate morality tale, although we took issue with how this animated classic teaches kids these lessons. Those plotlines had us asking many Reasonably Good Questions. One big takeaway? Don’t trust adults! But do toe the line and, clearly, your nose will get very big if you lie. So go into this episode knowing that Jiminy Cricket is a dreadful choice to be anyone’s conscience, the Blue Fairy is a false face who might actually be the movie’s villain and—the fact you’ve known for years—Disney is quite simply our corporate lord and master.

Well, Actually…: Fantasia came out at the end of 1940, while Pinocchio was released in February of 1940.

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