The Others (2001)

Rated PG. If youthful ears want to hear about this movie, they can.

The Others

The 412th Ellises’ Analysis has us gabbing about ghosts as we continue with Scary Movie Month. The Others isn’t truly frightening (especially once you’ve seen it a few times), but writer/director Alejandro Amenabar certainly knows how to make a moody chiller with a killer climax. This is a throwback to classic tension-builders from long ago that focuses on what you don’t see. Amenabar lets terrific performances be his special effects. Nicole Kidman is the worrisome mom of the mansion, but the young actors playing her kids (particularly Alakina Mann) give arguably even better performances than the in-her-prime movie star does. So obey God’s will (or something) and don’t let a wartime tragedy throw you into a twist. Just get comfortable and we will begin talking about The Others.

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