Parasite (2019)

 Rated PG.

Since it’s the movie of the moment (and the big winner at this last month’s Oscars), we thought the Next 186 Project was an ideal slot to cover Parasite. Bong Joon Ho’s brilliant, pitch-black satire deals with class, the division between the rich & the poor and empathy…or the lack thereof from the rich AND the poor. We have complicated feelings about the richies in this picture (we’re more sympathetic towards them than other viewers will be) and we took issue with some elements of the climax. We also see a Taxi Driver/Vertigo (or maybe even 25th Hour) thing going on in that crazy-pants ending. In any case, this is an excellent motion picture. So whether you side with the Parks or with the Kims (or…maybe both?), hunker down in your basement with some peaches and hear what we have to say about Gisaengchung.

Some Sparkplug Coffee‘ll do nicely as you discuss this movie’s complexities. American fans, you can get in on this too! Score a sparkling 20% discount by using our promo code (“top100project”) when you’re ready to settle up.

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