Duck Soup (1933)

Duck Soup (24:09)

Duck Soup

Pun alert! It’s the Marx Brothers in a giant vat of Duck Soup, the 11th podcast in The Top 100 Project. Tune in for a surprisingly serious analysis of a goofy comedy. Or is it as goofy as people think? Start your bets for when Bev LOL’ed the first time. Which Marx bro was her favourite? Which one could she do without (hint: it isn’t even Zeppo).

3 thoughts on “Duck Soup (1933)

  1. **Indignant reaction ahoy!**
    Seriously, if Groucho didn’t win you over… well that’s unfortunate. We will have to agree to disagree there.
    It’s interesting to hear you guys talk negatively about a film I totally love. I just can’t see it as bad as you did, but (begrudgingly) respect your explanations.
    … that said, if I rewatch this and find myself thinking like you do, I’m gonna be a little upset. Maybe I will skip your review of “A Night At The Opera”…. 😉
    Keep up the awesome podcasts guys!

    1. I think Bev disliked it way more than I did. Hell, I own the DVD, so I’m definitely in Camp Thumbs Up with this one. It just seems to have lost a lot of its charm. She didn’t laugh much at all, but I wasn’t LOLing much either. At least with A Night At The Opera we get to “enjoy” a lame romance subplot along with legit enjoying the stateroom sequence!

    2. Hah! I knew I was gonna catch some flack for this one. I may have to revisit this one and give it another chance. It’s strange because I love so many things that are derivative of the Marx brothers. I wondered later if it had something to do with my crappy hearing. Groucho talked so fast and I found that by the time I figured out what he said, he had moved onto the next joke and I’m sure a couple of them were lost on me. But I loved the songs and I really liked Harpo! Gimme a chance, I suspect I’ll come around eventually 🙂
      Keep listening!

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