The Producers (1968)

 Rated PG. Look at us being all restrained this time, huh?!

Episode 127 in the Next 100 Project focuses on another comedy, this time EGOT winner Mel Brooks’ crass comedy classic. Zero MostelGene Wilder are loud (especially Mostel) and their characters are thieving scumbags, but they make for a good ha-ha combo. While we weren’t in total agreement about the strengths of this movie, it’s hard to deny that certain things haven’t aged very well and come across as tone-deaf in our woke times. But “Springtime For Hitler”, offensive as it should be, just remains wonderful. Sparkplug Coffee remains our sponsor. Go get yourself some java and a 10% discount by typing in “top100project” at check-out.

For The Record: Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks did “The 2000 Year Old Man” bit, not 1000 or 3000. Also, Mostel was a movie actor before this, but he did a lot of theatre acting and was blackballed during the HUAC nonsense, which is why he was in so few flicks.


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