The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001)

Rated PG. We got into some mature themes, but the language is clean.

The Man Who Wasn't There

Light up a cigarette (or many cigarettes) and kickstart your existential crisis as you gulp down the 418th Ellises’ Analysis. Joel & Ethan Coen followed up their run of hysterical ’90s comedies with this black & white sorta-comedy. This might seem like an odd film, but it’s actually got more depth and enjoyably offbeat ideas than most of their previous work. Oh and fear not. The Man Who Wasn’t There is quite certainly funny. You also can’t argue with the casting of Billy Bob Thornton (who’s perfecto in the lead role), although Bev was just as enamoured with the work of Frances McDormand. So don’t look at the facts. Instead, look at the meaning of the facts (which have no meaning) as they cut the hair and we chat about The Man Who Wasn’t There.

Well, Actually: Frances McDormand has 4 Oscars (3 for acting, 1 for producing). Also, Surviving Christmas came out even before Halloween (not in mid-November), which is in fact awfully early for a movie about the holly jolly season.

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