A League Of Their Own (1992)

 Rated: soft R (if the S-word offends you, watch out, but that’s as harsh as it gets in this episode).

The 57th Next 100 Project podcast is the rare sports episode. Geena Davis and Tom Hanks are terrific, but the whole cast of kooky characters (even Madonna) deliver. Penny Marshall’s baseball flick has its faults (the bookends, the pacing of some scenes), but it’s a delightful way to wile away a few hours. Stir up your blood with an order of Sparkplug Coffee, then get some dirt in your feminist skirt hearing about the ladies who sure can play some ball.

For The Record: The AAGPBL ran from 1943 to 1954 and they played between 100 & 120 games per year.


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