Train To Busan (2016)

Rated R. It wasn’t a festival of obscenities, but there are a few crafty zingers.

Train To Busan

We put the finishing touches on this year’s “Scary Movie Month” with a gab about a dynamite zombie flick from South Korea. Train To Busan is just as much an action movie as it is a horror movie. Director Yeon Sang-ho keeps up the intense pace by having his frenzied film play out almost in real time. He also hits most of the usual zombie beats by layering in class issues and the fear of your fellow fellows. In fact, the “they might be infected, so stay away from them” plotline hits awfully close to home the past year and a half. So wrap your wrists in tape and punch your way through a zombie horde with the 413th Ellises’ Analysis ringing through your ears. Or through your braaaaaains…braaaaaains…

Well, Actually: One Cut Of The Dead is Japanese and we highly recommended seeking it out.

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