Patton (1970)

Patton (39:49)

Patton poster

The 80th T100P podcast chronicles the WWII adventures of General George S. Patton, played so memorably by George C. Scott. War biopics are not a barrel of fun, but we managed to have some fun with this movie. How many people have compared the General to Mike Tyson & Barry Bonds? We did! Find out why. Plus…Sparkplug Coffee!

Plus, the General died in 1945, so the post-war life we talked about was that he didn’t live much past the war.


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Dr. Strangelove, Planet Of The Apes & MASH T100P podcasts

Mike Tyson vowing to eat children on YouTube (1:15 mark)

Patton triv

Next week on the Top 100 Project: The Last Picture Show

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