Parenthood (1989)

Rated R, as all movies filled with kids oughta be.

Our final episode in July digs into what just might be Ron Howard’s most personal film. For the Next 159 Project, we dig fairly deep into a dramedy with a fantastic ensemble cast and a top-notch screenplay by the Ganz/Mandel team. Dianne Wiest and Joaquin Phoenix are stand-outs, but Steve Martin and Jason Robards hit some home runs too. It sure isn’t flawless (yeesh, that too-perfect ending) and the Buckman family’s obsession with procreating didn’t hit home with the Ellises. Still, not many movies feel this relatable or have this much heart. Or this much talk about diarrhea.

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For The Record: Jeff Goldblum would have been 35 or 36 when this movie was shot, so he would’ve been the exact right age to play Gil. Also, Keanu Reeves had been in 8 movies before this, so he wasn’t “new on the scene”.


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