The Shape Of Water (2017)

 Rated R for all the talk of fish…uh…let’s say “boning”.

The Next 116 Project staggers back 8 short months to re-look at Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar-nabbing smash. The Fish F*%^er didn’t touch us as deeply the first time we peeped at it the way it did for so many others. Did we see things differently this time or is this an appropriate choice for the 1st selection in “Movies We Hate” Month? Actually, it’s a complicated answer to that question, so you’re gonna want to find out what we really think. Meanwhile, help out our longtime sponsor and get yourself some tremendous Sparkplug Coffee. You can still score a 10% discount on your first order when you apply the promo code: “top100project”.

For The Record: Alfonso Cuaron actually won 2 Oscars for Gravity, one for directing and one for editing. Also, there have been the maximum 10 nominees for the Best Picture Oscar only once (2009) since they upped it to as many as 10 after 2008. The most-frequent number of BP noms in a year is 9 (which has happened 5 times in 8 years).


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