City Of God (2003)

 Rated PG. The movie is harsh, but our language wasn’t.

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Many movies made outside Hollywood are among the best of any given year, but the Brazilian-made City Of God remains a revered classic of this entire century. That’s how several critics groups and Best Of lists feel about it, at least. It’s not so simple for us. The slightly dated filmmaking techniques are a little much (especially the frenzied editing) and it’s A LOT much to have to look at 2 hours of children toting around guns, guns, guns. So much killing. That doesn’t mean we can’t admire the visuals and the soundscape in Fernando Meirelles’ opus about kids & teenagers running wild in the favelas in Rio. So try putting aside your handgun and instead putting a camera in your hands as you hear the 426th Ellises’ Analysis rocket through Cidade De Deus.

Well, Actually: The girl in The Ring is Daveigh Chase. Also, Kill Bill V1 was released in 2003, not Kill Bill V2. Also also, “Children Of Men TV series” at the 32:40 mark should of course have been the “City Of Men TV series”.

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