Ghost World (2001)

 Rated pretty gosh-darn R.

The 378th Ellises’ Analysis asks if you’re an Enid or a Rebecca. Not that we actually care which of them you are. We’re too cool to be particularly interested in you. Okay, WE’RE not too cool, but Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson sure are in Ghost World. Bev’s final choice in the Month O’ Bev has her discussing her own evolution from a mean girl to the delightfully nerdy adult she has become. We also talked about the offensive artwork in Terry Zwigoff’s flick and what kind of reaction the controversial painting at the art show would get today. So grow up a little and loosen your grip on both your BFF and your childhood as you board a bus to nowhere and stuff a podcast about a funky comedy in your earholes.

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