Young Adult (2011)

 Rated R.

Young Adult

Charlize Theron might very well have outdone her remarkable performance in Monster with her take on a narcissistic ghost writer of Young Adult books in this pitch-black comedy. Director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody reteamed 4 years after the Oscar-winning Juno to give us one of the great navel-gazers in modern film history. Their flick didn’t find much of an audience 10 years ago, perhaps because of the surprising ending that we both loved. Or maybe Joe Average Moviegoer found Patrick Wilson’s character to be as confusing as we did and maybe they also thought his typically bland performance wasn’t enough to offset great work by the polar-opposite Patton Oswalt. Anyway, don’t be a dismissive bully. Just flop face-first on the bed after you’ve had a KFC binge as we tell personal stories and rave about Young Adult in the 391st Ellises’ Analysis.

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Well, Actually: Diablo Cody’s birth name is Brook Busey.

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