Apollo 13 (1995)

Rated PG. This one is fine for all, unless “ass” is too much for you.

We’re re-branding…again! This episode would have been “The Next 200 Project” but from now on we’ll go by “The Ellises’ Analysis” (just to twist your tongue into a few knots). If you only ever thought of this podcast as “The Top 100 Project” anyway, then, well, nothing to see here.

As for episode #351, we have the privilege of tackling one of the best reality-based space movies ever made. Apollo 13 is such a thrilling and inspiring docu-drama, but it’s also a very believable procedural. Ron Howard has never directed anything better than this. It’s also another in a long line of bittersweet Tom Hanks movies. He’s excellent, of course, but all the actors (particularly Ed Harris) are dynamite. We DO get into some alternate casting choices—as we did on Inside Out last week—but that’s just for fun because this cast is aces. And let’s hear it for the teamwork of all the real-life people involved in this mission (including their families), but also of course for the cast & crew of this gripping movie. Oh, and let’s also hear it for that heroic LEM! Guenter will strap you in tight as we break down the wonderful Apollo 13.

Well, Actually: Other movies DID use the KC 135 “Vomit Comet” to shoot some weightless scenes, including The Mummy a few years ago (the Tom Cruise one). Also, James Horner DID win 2 Oscars for Titanic (for the music score and for co-writing “My Heart Will Go On” with Will Jennings, not with Celine Dion).

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We’re off next week to enjoy some R&R during the Canada Day week. When The Ellises’ Analysis gets back to it on July 6th, we’ll shed some heavenly tears for Ghost.