The African Queen (1951)

The African Queen (33:57)

African Queen, TheThe T100P’s podcast #42 might not be the answer to the ultimate questions etc, but it does end Humphrey Bogart’s AFI run…and it’s John Huston’s final AFIer as a director. It also marks the return of Katharine Hepburn. The Institute adores this movie. Did we? You must find out!

3 thoughts on “The African Queen (1951)

  1. OK, the Coming Attractions trivia mega-question! I had to hit the books for some of this, but I’ve got it. The guys who directed themselves in a starring role in an AFI Top 100 movie are:

    1) Buster Keaton (with co-director Clyde Bruckman) in The General
    2) Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush, City Lights, and Modern Times
    3) Orson Welles in Citizen Kane
    4) Gene Kelly (with co-dir Stanley Donen) in Singin’ in the Rain
    5) Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider
    6) Woody Allen in Annie Hall
    7) Spike Lee in Do the Right Thing
    8) Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves
    9) Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven


      1. Yeah, at one point I was stumped on #9, and I briefly thought of Tarantino in ‘Pulp Fiction,’ but I knew that wasn’t enough of a “starring” role to be the answer you wanted. That was before I noticed ‘Unforgiven’ was on the list.

        Also, no ‘Braveheart?’ What’s up with that, AFI?

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