Rear Window (1954)

Rear Window (34:48)

Rear Window

Rear Window peeps into your window as our 48th podcast. Alfred Hitchcock teams up with Jimmy Stewart for the 1st time on the AFI list and one of us thinks it’s a home run. The other is not convinced. Controversy! There might even be a few bad impressions thrown around. Go to it!

Trivial trivia!

4 thoughts on “Rear Window (1954)

    1. Of course, but you’re right that the spirit of this being Cockart’s first flick together is meant AFI-wise. Or maybe you caught me in an error. 😉 I suggest the first option.

      1. Fair enough. I actually really love this film and have since I first saw it back in early 1999. I love the way the mystery unfolds, and the way each of those apartments in the courtyard has its own little story is a lot of fun. And of the 30-odd Hitch films I’ve seen, this is definitely the one where I most enjoy the dialogue. But from experience, I can tell you that you can live without seeing the Christopher Reeve remake.

        Also, CA trivia for Rebel: James Dean, Sal Mineo, and Dennis Hopper.

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