Deliverance (1972)

 Rated R for graphic nudity (yup, on the podcast) and for rude language.

Seventy eps of the Next 100 Project now and this one discusses the flick about John Boorman’s canoe trip with all its banjie-picking…and rape. It remains one of the best for the director and for his strong cast of Voight, Reynolds, Beatty & Cox. Haunting stuff and we get deep into all of it. Type in the keys for Sparkplug Coffee, then stop squealing like a pig and listen to us.

For The Record: After some further research, Ryan admits Bev is right that Cowboy Coward seems to be the actor playing the guy who gets arrow-shot on the cliff. Ryan also maintains that ambiguity is more interesting than making it clear it was indeed the “purty mouth” guy. Also, we recently canoed. Bev was in the back. #empowerment


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