Once Upon A Time In The West (1969)

Rated R, but very softly.

We’re back in the old west for the 156th gunshot’s worth of the Next 100 Project. Italian directing legend Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti westerns changed cinema. This entry, however, was arguably a superior film to any of those. Look at the ingredients. Henry Fonda as a sadistic bad guy? Jason Robards being all cool and sly? Charles Bronson just being Charlie Bronson? Claudia Cardinale as the supernaturally beautiful—and tough—leading lady…who actually gets top billing over those 3 guys? Pure dynamite. We also jaw about Ennio Morricone’s incredible music score and the pitch-perfect sets & costumes. The movie is a long sit, but Leone’s one-of-a-kind style makes up for the lack of a coherent plot. Saddle ’em up!

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For The Record: Quentin Tarantino accepted the Golden Globe (not the Oscar) for Ennio Morricone’s music score for The Hateful Eight.


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