Cast Away (2000)

 Rated PG. It’s another clean one.

Tom Hanks the movie star and Robert Zemeckis the master story-teller authored an unusual megahit 20 years ago because it’s about loneliness, sadness and the slow march of time. Wait, hold on. Cast Away just might be the signature movie for this depressing year…if a feature of 2020 was to have volleyballs becoming the bosom buddies of sad people on a tropical island. Anyway, our chat didn’t just focus on Zemeckis’ procedural about patience. Disney+ came up. The goods and bads of product placement came up. What we want to do the most after the pandemic came up. This being a Christmas movie (it is!) even came up. And, of course, we channeled Brad Pitt from Se7en and asked what’s in the (FedEx) box. So buy a brand new volleyball and don’t give up hope. In fact, go back and ask that welder lady out for drinks and we suggest you both listen to the epic 371st Ellises’ Analysis together.

Tom Hanks badly needed Sparkplug Coffee on that island. He would have loved the 20% discount he can get by entering “top100project” into the promo code section.

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