Repulsion (1965)

Rated R for some words you might not like.

The first entry in our 5th Annual Scary Movie Month has us visiting ’60s London to gaze at the beautiful, but deeply messed-up Catherine Deneuve. This isn’t Roman Polanski’s best-known work, but his strange thriller deserves to be re-discovered. Speaking of the victim who created a victim, we spent a solid 10 minutes (starting at the 6-minute mark) discussing Polanski’s real-life rape case and how we feel about the man. If you don’t want to hear about that story again, you’ll know when to start skipping and when to stop skipping. Anyway, Repulsion was ahead of its time and it remains surprisingly modern. The look, the sound, the simple but eerie story are all world-class. And this has been a theme on this channel lately, but is any of it real or is it all just one big hallucination? So barricade your door (badly), avoid those grabby hands, pick up an interloper’s straight razor and start killing your free time with the 362nd Ellises’ Analysis.

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