The Great Dictator (1940)

Rated R because this got political and angry.

Heads up, Proud Boys and such, the 366th Ellises’ Analysis is politically polarizing, but we make zero none NO apologies for how we feel. We’re starting Funny Movie Month the day before the American election because we all need some laughs after a monumentally terrible year. Charlie Chaplin’s mixture of politics and humour isn’t a smooth one though. We preferred the farcical Hynkel scenes because what sane person doesn’t like seeing Adolf Hitler being brutally mocked? The Tramp scenes…wait, the “Jewish Barber” scenes are necessary for the plot, but they’re just in the wrong movie. What an ending with the barber’s passionate speech though! It’s sappy and so very on the nose, but it’s advice everyone needs and they should heed it no matter the decade or the dictator involved. So don’t be a phony poseur buffoon in 1940, 2020 or anytime. Bump a balloon with your bottom, be a mensch and devour our musings about Chaplin’s Hitler flick.

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