Gone With The Wind (1939)

Gone With The Wind (44:06)

Gone With The Wind

Podcast #23 is the event film to end all event films! This phenomenon was an Oscar-grabber and an all-around enormous product of the industry. What was our reaction to the marital rape? To the casual racism? Does it pass the Bechdel Test? Did we get through it in one sitting without having to call in some experts to massage our numb backsides? It’s our longest podcast to date, so make sure your own backside stays comfy and then frankly, my dear, press play!

5 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind (1939)

  1. Just a small correction (to a fantastic podcast!): it wasn’t Hattie McDaniels who refused to eat a watermelon in protest at racist stereotypes; it was Butterfly McQueen, who played Prissy. She also objected to being slapped by Vivien Leigh, and refused to scream (as required) unless the hits were faked. She talks about this in the cast interviews in the DVD extras.

    1. Oh, well thanks for the info. I (Ryan) hate being wrong, so I tend to comb through the podcasts very carefully during the editing phase and removing goof-ups. Was it me who said this or Bev? Because if it was me, then I am prepared to punish myself by standing in a sea of screaming soldiers for a few hours. 🙂 Thanks for listening!

  2. Talking of a sea of screaming soldiers, I’m reading ‘In Harm’s Way’ at the moment, thanks to your Jaws episode, so thanks for all the fish, as Douglas Adams would say 😀

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