The Wages Of Fear (1953)

Pop this tab to hear Wages Of Fear (37:21) Warning: yet again, we drop some filthy words on you.

Charles Vanel(left) and Yves Montand (right) in Henri-Georges Clouzot's THE WAGES OF FEAR (1953). Courtesy Janus Films. Playing 12/9-12/22

The 9th episode in the Next 100 Project tackles a foreign film, something the AFI obviously couldn’t do. Henri-Georges Clouzot’s ultra-tense thriller about 4 men driving 2 trucks with nitroglycerine in the back takes some time to get going. Once they start driving though, Clouzot keeps you on teetering on the edge of your seat. You know what you need to do before you press play? Buy some Sparkplug Coffee!


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