Iron Man (2008)

 Rated G, motherlovers!

Get your A.I. butler to help you strap on your gold-titanium-alloy suit as the Next 112 Project podcast digs moderately deep into a superhero revenge story. RDJ had already made his comeback before this movie, but this whopping success made him a true movie star…and a very rich man. Director Jon Favreau handles the material as well as he almost always does (underrated talent) and he crafted a fun summer blockbuster that began the MCU’s prolific trail of hits. You also know you have to visit to snag your java. Save 10% on your 1st order when you finger in the promo code “Top100Project”.

For The Record: A graphic does say that Tony is in Afghanistan when he’s captured. Also, The Avengers and Black Panther are in the Top 30 on the Box Office Mojo Top 300 Adjusted For Inflation while Avengers: Infinity War is not far behind. And here’s more info about RDJ’s legal issues.


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